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Submit your recording to #PlayWithEric

Thank you so much for agreeing to help us commemorate the life of Eric Domanico. Eric was such a special person and he affected the lives of those around him very deeply. Your participation in this project helps to ensure that his impact will always live on through the work of the Eric Domanico Foundation. Before submitting your recording, please make sure you sign up using the Google Form below.


You can access score and parts for David Biedenbender’s arrangement of Grainger’s Irish Tune from County Derry here. It is based around Eric’s quartet performing Nate Penven’s arrangement of the same piece. You have the option of recording the soprano, alto, tenor, or baritone part from Choir 2. Recording on instruments other than alto is especially encouraged since many participants will choose to record on alto if that is their only instrument.

Brad Ritchie will be mixing this recording for us. He has given us some instructions to work with. They are linked below, please click the following links to download the PDF files of the instructions.


Director Instructions                             Musician Instructions


Please record along with one of the following link:


Be sure to record with the best camera and microphone you have available but of course use the equipment that you have. Some participants will be recording on phones while others will use home-studio setups.


Before submitting your files, we are asking for a suggested donation of $25 to help defray the costs of mixing and producing this video. Of course, if you are able to make a larger donation it will go a long way towards building awareness of the mental health challenges that young artists often face and helping young musicians like Eric to thrive. You can donate by clicking one of the buttons below. When making a donation, please include your name and a private note letting us know that you are a #PlayWithEric participant.

Finally, please submit your videos by sending an accesible Google Drive link to, or by sharing your file via Google Drive to Please contact us if you have any issues or questions.


Please have your videos submitted by November 5, 2021. If you have any questions, please contact us at Thank you once again for performing alongside Eric for one final performance. It’s a deeply meaningful gift.

-Jeff Siegfried

WhatsApp Image 2020-07-14 at 8.49.30 AM

Photo Courtesy of Liliana Farabaugh

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