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TEDF 2022 Scholarship Application

After much anticipation, this is the 2022 scholarship application! As an organization, we are honored to connect with our youth, and it is time we give back. We had such an amazing experience with our first scholarship round, and are so excited to be hosting another annual round for 2022. We will be giving away a number of $1,000 scholarships, and we will decide the number of recipients during the review process!

This application will be completed through a Google Form. Please answer with your personal information, and answer 3 questions, following with an essay. The essay includes a file upload, which you can do through a Google Drive account.


If you have any questions please contact us on our Instagram @ericdomanicofoundation, our Facebook: The Eric Domanico Foundation, or with our contact tab on our website! Thank you, and good luck! We are looking forward to reading wonderful applications from our promising youth.

To access the application, click the image below!

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