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Photo Courtesy of Liliana Farabaugh

On July 11th 2021, The Eric Domanico Foundation proudly awarded $500 scholarships to 15 creative students, and awarded Eric Domanico’s alto saxophone to an honorary student in need of an instrument.

When creating this foundation, TEDF family and friends came together to give back to the youth who need attention and awareness for mental wellness based on our story. We are happy to announce to winners of the scholarship and the honorary instrument below:


Congratulations to the recipients of

The Eric Domanico Foundation Scholarship:


Veronica Casey - Berklee College of Music Online

Marissa DiGennaro - Point Park University

Lauren Hill - Western Michigan University

Andrew Hosler - University of Michigan

Leah Larsen - University of Michigan

Abby Lee - University of Michigan

Ben MacDonald - Arizona State University

Jacob Miner - Shepherd University

Annie Moon - West Virginia University

Christian Rhen - West Virginia University

Victoria Stanish - West Virginia University

Rimas Stapusaitis - Eastern Michigan University

Jaclyn Swartz - Bowling Green State University

Madison Witmer - West Virginia University

Elias Young - Michigan State University


Congratulations to the alto saxophone recipient:

Nicky Keefover - West Virginia University


Details on the 2022 scholarship application will be announced and updated on this site in early 2022.

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