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Our Mission

TEDF supports the mental wellness of young artists. As a connected community, we collect and share resources with those struggling with mental health.

We believe our youth can embrace who they are,
define their future, and change the world with the right tools.

Our Mission

Our Values

Remember and celebrate Eric's Story and Music to help with awareness and save lives.

  1. Awareness:  Build Mental Health Awareness and strive for mental wellness programs and tools our youth

  2. Empower and Advocate - Provide tools, programs, workshops, financial support for musicians and student impacted by anxiety and depression.

  3. Music - Music was a gift Eric had and is precious in remembering the beauty he created and an identity all musicians and students possess.

  4. Love - Life is worth living.

  5. The Eric Way - Empower, Reach, Integrate, Compassion.

We Need Your Support Today!

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