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About The Eric Domanico Foundation

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Our Organization

Eric was a unique young man with a bright future ahead of him. He excelled at all his passions, but he needed more support than he made aware. Unfortunately, we were not able to help him in time.  


Knowing Eric, however, is seeing that he has changed so many lives. His gift of music paints the world as a masterpiece that is as vivid as it is bold. His music will be his legacy that we will carry on so that his memory lives in perpetuity. In these beginning stages, we are learning as a family what it means to honor Eric. This reflection has helped us create The Eric Domanico Foundation. This organization was founded to remember Eric's life, be it his music, baking, or gift of humor and love that he brought to his friends and family. In time and with your generous help, the foundation will grow to connect resources back to youth like Eric. 


Founded in 2020, The Eric Domanico Foundation is a US-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and our mission is to provide financial assistance to musicians struggling to maintain mental health. More support is directed to the underlying causes of anxiety and depression as well as prevention. The identification of young folks who need extra help and the process of connecting them to resources is done early, often, and confidentially. With these supports, we as a society are better able to protect our most vulnerable — our youth.

Our Mission

This 501(c)(3) non-profit organization is a charitable entity that endeavors to financially support artists with physical, socioemotional, and educational needs. Through grants and scholarships, The Eric Domanico Foundation supports the talents and mental wellness of young musicians and artists. As connectors and conveners, we collect and share resources with those struggling with mental health and or hopelessness ideation. We believe that through philanthropy giving an artistic purpose, those struggling find a reason to fight another day.

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The Pillars of TEDF

  • Eric’s Legacy - Remember and celebrate Eric’s story and music through our foundation’s actions.

  • Awareness - Raise awareness around mental health, Eric’s story, and the foundation.

  • Support - Provide support to our youth impacted by mental health and music. This includes but is not limited to financial support via scholarships, volunteering and serving our community, and providing resources to those in need. 

  • Music - Music is a constant theme behind our foundation’s actions. Whether it be remembering Eric’s music, helping young artists, or fundraising with musical events, music was important to Eric and is the heart of our foundation.

Click below to watch a heartfelt video from Eric's family and friends!

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