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Our 2023 TEDF Scholarship Application is now live! This year, we will be awarding one $1,000 scholarship to be announced on July 11th, 2023. 

Please read the directions and apply at the link below!

Grow Your Vision

In 2021 and 2022, TEDF friends and family came together to give back to the young artists who so desperately need our attention and awareness for mental wellness. Collectively, we awarded $500 scholarships to 17 creative students entering college and donated Eric Domanico’s alto saxophone to an honorary student in need of an instrument.

We are happy to announce the winners of the scholarship and instrument below:

Marissa DeGennaro

Marissa DeGennaro

Point Park University

"The scholarship helped me complete a music minor at school. I was required to take two semesters of private piano, which cost extra money. This scholarship helped me take these lessons and expand my musical skills!"

Haven Kahn

James Madison University

"TEDF helped continue my studies through providing me a generous scholarship and by helping me learn about mental health resources...TEDF has made it simple for saxophonists and other musicians to access mental health resources that we may not have been aware of before."

Haven Kahn
Olivia Nixon

Olivia Nixon

West Virginia University

"What TEDF represents makes this scholarship more than just a monetary award. Mental health awareness is something I strongly advocate for and being associated with TEDF was a wonderful stepping stone for me in this journey."

Victoria Stanish

West Virginia University

"When auditioning here [WVU], I met Eric and had the honor of hearing him play...I fell in love with the studio and being a saxophonist at this school, which led me to apply to the TEDF scholarship and continue to share awareness about mental health as a musician."

Victoria Stanish

Additional Recipients:

Veronica Casey

Berklee College of Music (Online)

Andrew Hosler

University of Michigan

Abby Lee

University of Michigan

Jacob Miner

Shepherd University

Christian Rhen

West Virginia University

Jaclyn Swartz

Bowling Green State University

Elias Young

Michigan State University

Lauren Hill

Western Michigan University

Leah Larsen

University of Michigan

Ben MacDonald

Arizona State University

Annie Moon

West Virginia University

Rimas Stapusaitis

Eastern Michigan University

Maddie Witmer

West Virginia University

Alto Saxophone Recipient:

Nicky Keefover

Nicky Keefover, West Virginia University

"[Richard] Strauss was very unique in that he had this idea that everybody was the hero in their own story...when we're remembering & memorializing Eric's life, we have to remember that it was his hero story"
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