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Our Work

Get Involved!

Learn more below about how our team has been creating new opportunities to build mental wealth. As we continue to evolve as a foundation, we invite you to join us in committing towards bettering our world and are excited to build together! 

The Eric Domanico Foundation

Scholarships for Rising Artists.

We have provided financial support for 18 collegiate artists in the past 2 years.

Find out how you can apply & more!

The Eric Domanico Foundation

School-Based Initiatives

We commit to prioritizing the whole student. This starts with school-based programs for awareness & access.

The Eric Domanico Foundation

Advocating for Our Youth.

Increased mental health advocacy is crucial to protect our youth, and we are actively working to address this. 

The Eric Domanico Foundation

Resources, because You Matter.

A collection of resources to get you the help you deserve. From our family to yours, we wish you mental wealth. 

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